Puppy Preschool

Duration: 2 times a week for 7 classes


Puppy classes allow your dog to develop canine social skills while playing with other puppies in safe environment. Shy and fearful pups will gain confidence and bullies learn to be gentle. Puppies are taught sit, lie down and to walk nicely on a leash. Common behavioral problems such as jumping up, chewing, and barking etc. will be addressed in this class. Bring the whole family.



Beginner Basics

Duration: 2 times a week for 7 classes

In this class you will learn how to teach your pet to be a well-mannered member of your family. As the class progresses you and your dog will perfect your sit, down, and leash walking skills. You will learn how to do sit stay, down stay and the most important command come. Just for fun you and your dog will learn a few tricks.


Pleasurable Pooch

Duration: 2 times a week for 7 classes

The aim of this class as is to teach your furry friend how to behave properly in human society. You will learn control in real life situations, tricks to keep training fun, and will be performing long out of sight stays. You and your dog will be tested at the end of class to see if you have met all the course goals.


Intro to Agility/Flyball

Duration: 2 times a week for 7 classes



Completed Pleasurable Pooch

This advanced course is for people who like to have fun with their dog. It requires good control of yourself and your dog. In this class your dog will be introduced to all of the obstacles of agility. Flyball is the fastest growing sport in the dog world, why? Because it is so much fun. So if you and your dog want to get out and have some fun come and join us.



Duration: 1 time a week for 7 classes


Once your dog has been introduced to obstacles separately she will be ready to start putting them together in sequence. This class will help you put what you learned in the last class into practice.




Relaxing The Reactive Dog

Does your dog bark or windge at other dogs while on leash? Or perhaps it is people or passing cars that whip your dog into a frenzy. Whatever the cause, you have a reactive dog. This class will give you the tools to help relax your dog in tense situations and you both will get to practice in a safe and controlled environment

Control For Fun

Whether you want better performance from your dog or just better off leash control this class will help you achieve it. There will be off leash work and training with major distractions. This class is meant as a supplement to Agility/Flyball training. Dogs must have completed the Pleasurable Pooch class prior to joining this class.